Thursday, 20 August 2009

Baby's First Blog

My name is Eleanor and I will be rambling on about my life to
anyone who will listen/read, missing out the boring, depressing things and just leaving you with the good bits. Well, that's the plan anyway. Now if you are reading this then you are probably one of a very small group (perhaps in a group on your own) who know about it so if you like it, e-mail the link to someone, tell them over a cup of coffee, shout it out from on top of a tall building (but not too tall or nobody would hear you) or even get a tattoo with "GO TO Ramblings by Me ASAP!!!" on your forehead, but what ever it is I'd be very grateful if you told someone, because I would hate to be typing away, stupidly thinking people would be reading what I had wrote, when really, the only views it ever got was when I checked what it looked like to a normal person. Even if you don't like it tell them because they might have a different taste to you.

Now I'll tell you a bit about me considering this what this blog is supposedly about. My name is Eleanor and I live in Glasgow, Scotland. I can speak fluent Gaidhlig (Scotland own language) and other than my two parents, I have one spawn-of-the-devil brother, H*. My dad is called S and is slowly but surely recovering from a ruptured colon and my mother and good friend W is just about to start a course at college.

Now my dad's friend M recently
bought (and later sold) a fab 6-berth campervan. Everyone pitched in to help clean it up and get it looking good as new and we managed it (rather well I think) and ever since we have all had a bit of a campervan obsession. My dad and M have had crazy ideas of buying a really expensive one to rent out so the subject will probably crop up quite often in my blog. To let you know I will put an alert that will look like this

In mid June of 09 I went on a trip to Paris and fell in love with the city. Just everything about it captivated me, so that may be cropping up every once in a while too.

Tomorrow I'm going to see The Time Travell
ers Wife so Ill write a mini review of it to let you know what it's like considering it's mixed reviews. I love Rachel McAdams so I'm hoping it'll be good. My hopes are high and I'm easily satisfied so the review will probably be good.

Well. That was much easier than I thought it would be. Practically painless. I finished my first blog. If you liked it then leave a nice comment. If you didn't a mice comment would be good too but also what I did wrong would be very helpful.

Thanks for readin'!

Tell your friends!

Love Eleanor

*not giving full names to protect identites :)